General Drills

Warm Up

Stick with basic fundamentals that also need repetitive practice to stay sharp—tossing the ball to the inside both feet with a partner, driven balls in a group of three to mix in some running (pass and move, players stationed at the width of the field, one on one side and then two on the other), etc.

At this point, you can choose to perform a second round of stretches, but this time hold each stretch for a longer amount of time. Under the supervision of a trained professional, you can also move up to dynamic stretching, where you basically stretch while moving. With ballistic movements (usually a bouncing motion) you can achieve greater flexibility. In soccer, that includes leg swings, jumps, high knees, and back kicks (kicking heels up to your butt).

This type of stretching, however, is much more prone to injury if not practiced correctly. Don’t move into dynamic stretching until you’ve completed a basic warm-up and stretching under the direct supervision of a coach or trainer. The last thing you need is to swing your leg up and feel a muscle yank right before a game or practice begins.

A good warm-up will alternate stretching and drills with gradually increasing intensity, and without dead stops in between. Although each player has his/her own preference of how to train and warm up for a game, it’s important to keep your circulation going so that you don’t start playing while cold or stiff. Do whatever you can to avoid losing your momentum right before the game.

Basic Skills Drills

4v4 + Target Players with 2 goals

Trapping, Control

1 2 Passing Circle

Dribble Pursuit